Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Lens for Bonnie Rideout, Scottish Fiddler

Bonnie Rideout is one of the best fiddlers in the Scottish tradition in the US. She grew up in Michigan and Maine, discovered a fiddle in her parents' home when she was eight, trained classically, then immersed herself in Scottish fiddle tradition. She's the subject of my latest Squidoo lens, Celtic Music: Bonnie Rideout.

I'd come across her name before, but it wasn't until I was putting together the Celtic Music: Christmas lens that I learned more about her. Several years back, she recorded A Scottish Christmas. That CD was turned into a performance, which resulted in a second CD and a DVD.

In checking her website, and, I found she had enough material out there for a lens, and that was just published a few minutes ago.

Earlier today I decided that my Christmas music lenses, Celtic Music: Christmas, Celtic Music: Christmas Compilations and Nowell Sing We Clear, might do better if submitted to some Christmas groups on Squidoo, so I found about a half dozen or so and submitted them. It'll be interesting to see how that goes.

Today was a perfect day for making a lens - outside it was mild, but it was also windy and rainy, with the rain sometimes rather heavy. There's not a whole lot of sun in the Portland area during November, December and January, and February and March aren't particularly noted for sunshine either. I decided to buy some sunshine by ordering one of those natural light lamps from Amazon. I found one on sale, then decided to use most of the difference between the regular price and the sale price on one-day shipping so it'll be here tomorrow instead of sometime next week. I probably should have gotten one soon after I moved here. Not only are winters much cloudier here than in New England, I'm also living about three degrees latitude further north than I was back East, so days are just a bit shorter.

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