Friday, April 25, 2008

Celtic Music: The Thistle & Shamrock

Another day, another Squidoo lens, although I wouldn't count on that continuing to be a daily event.

This lens is about The Thistle & Shamrock, Fiona Ritchie's weekly hour-long program on NPR. Of course, the program has its own excellent and extensive website, so what I've done is give a brief idea of the show and site, then I picked five CDs (so far) featured on recent broadcasts Fiona did for new music she'd originally included in her Thistlepod podcasts. Then I looked around on YouTube and found nine videos of artists and groups that have been featured on past shows.

Links point to the show's home page at, other pages on the site for schedules of broadcasts and internet streaming times, a time converter so people who want to pick up streams in other parts of the world can figure out how streaming time converts to local time, and I included a link to since T&S is only on for one hour a week and LI is 24/7.

Visits to this and other lenses are always appreciated, and if you'd like to leave a comment, that would be nice too.

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