Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Celtic Music: Alasdair Fraser

With this latest Squidoo lens, I'm back to focusing on performers. Alasdair Fraser is a fantastically talented player and teacher of traditional Scottish fiddle music. I learned about him from a coworker around 1989 - he had a tape of The Road North playing in his car while we rode home from work one day. I was impressed, and the next January, we went to a Burns Night celebration at Sanders Theater at Harvard University to see him performing with Scottish singer Jean Redpath.

They appeared there again a couple of years later when I went with a another friend who was a reporter, so the price was certainly right! At that performance, Alasdair, while playing fiddle and wearing a kilt, approached Jean and went down on one knee as though courting, causing her to quip, "Careful, laddie! There are certain limitations to the kilt."

A few years later, my sister and I went to the Highland Games at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire, where Alasdair was performing. I feel fortunate to have been able to see this wonderful performer live, especially in venues where everyone loves Scottish music to begin with.

Check out my lens. There's a YouTube video of Alasdair performing with his current musical collaborator, the young American cellist Natalie Haas, a list of all his recordings which are available at Amazon, and links.

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