Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Luggage 1: Acquisition

The skies looked pretty threatening today, the the weather radar wasn't showing any rain, so I ventured out with my two-wheeled hand truck to get the unfinished trunk which will become The Luggage (see the previous post if you don't know what I mean). If I still had an operating car, I would've just jumped in, gone down to the Craft Warehouse at Gresham Town Fair and put it in the car for the trip home.

Instead, I got the hand truck, a bit of rope and a stretchy cord with hooks and hopped on the MAX. Although the trunk isn't all that heavy, it is bulky, so just trying to carry it by the handles would've been difficult.

One I got the trunk and paid for it, I secured it to the hand truck while outside the store, then stopped into the bakery outlet next door that sells Orowheat bread for half or less than what regular stores charge. Got a couple of loaves and a couple of jars of strawberry jam, which went in my backpack. The trip home was no trouble at all.

These pictures show what The Luggage looks like before any modification. It's not the sturdiest trunk in the world, but it's a prop, not something for traveling by tramp steamer and on into the dark interior jungles of Borneo. Still, there is a good deal of room in it, so I'll probably pack some light stuff for the trip to Faerieworlds and perhaps use it for carrying around snacks, costume changes, etc.

The next thing I want is a set of casters to mount on the bottom. The casters should have big wheels. I'm thinking 5" wheels will make it easier to maneuver over the rough ground of The Realm. 6" casters would be better, but 5" casters cost $5.99 each and 6" casters are around $14.99 each at the Harbor Freight store. I checked Amazon, but Harbor Freight is cheaper.

The trunk is 25 1/2" wide by 15 1/2" deep by 17 1/2" in height including the lid. Knock off an inch for inside measurements, except the depth from the bottom to the top of the box, minus the lid, is 13 1/2".

As this project develops, I'll try to remember to take pictures to show how things are coming along.

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