Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Starting to List on

Not long ago I found out about (note the second "e" in "Yardseller" is dropped in the site name). It's billed as "eBay for Facebook." I've got some things I'd like to sell to help stave off financial disaster and also to help me get to Faeriworlds on the last weekend of July. I'll be posting more about these here, on Facebook and Twitter as I get them listed.

Today was a decent day weatherwise, so I took a comforter out onto my tiny deck and clipped it to the railing. With my camera mounted on a tripod, I took pictures of one of my bowed psalteries, one of my dulcimers (once owned by folk musician Sally Rogers) and the rare and/or signed Spider Robinson books, all of which I'd like to sell.

After renaming the photos so I could easily identify them, I went to Yardsellr and got one of the Spider Robinson books listed. It's a rare hardcover edition of Copyright Violation, 38 pages, leather-bound with a slipcase, one of 26 produced (lettered S on a back page) by Pulphouse Publishing, Eugene, Oregon.

I checked several websites, for one, and saw it's going for $250. I also have two other copies, one bound in red leather and labeled "Red Staff" on a back page, and one of 300 with a dust jacket (No. 9). I'll get those listed very soon, along with the instruments..

Here's photos of the bowed psaltery (bought from Lark in the Morning when they had a store in Seattle near Pike Place) and the dulcimer:

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