Friday, June 11, 2010

Trimming the Robe

After I got my new wizard robe yesterday (Thursday) I went out to the local Fabric Depot store and looked at trims. I didn't buy any then. Back home, I looked up a few other fabric stores in the Portland area. Today I visited three of them, then went to Fabric Depot which was on the way home. There wasn't much that inspired me at the first three, and once again I just wasn't inspired enough by Fabric Depot's selection although it has by far the most extensive choices.

Just a few minutes ago after doing a Google search for "renaissance trim" I found the Calontir Trim website. It's run by Steve Boyd, who says he's a Latin teacher during the week and he's involved with SCA on weekends. He's got a very extensive selection that can be searched in several different ways. After looking around a bit, I decided on a silver metallic trim called Saxon Knot.

I ordered 11 yards, which will go on the hood, the front, the bottom, around the sleeve ends and from the neck down each sleeve.

I think it'll look pretty nice once it's applied. This is something I'm getting good at since I've added trim to two vests for my Renaissance and pirate outfits and also to the black wizard robe I got last year.

Shipping on the trim should be no hassle at all. It's by mail, so one day it'll just show up in my mailbox. It'll be sent from Fayetteville, Arkansas. It should come reasonably soon, although since it's Friday evening, I'll assume he's off to an event over the weekend. But I've got plenty of time.

Normally I check out more than one place online, but after looking at trim in several shops, I could see Calontir's prices are reasonable. The Saxon Knot trim is only $2.00 a yard. So it really didn't seem worthwhile to go looking all over.

For only the second time I've used PayPal to pay for something ordered online. It seemed the way to go since Boyd offers that method and I've got a couple of months worth of Squidoo payments in my account.

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