Thursday, June 10, 2010

No Faerie Mischief This Time

I'd been wanting to get a new wizard robe for some time. The first one was OK, but fairly cheap. I added some trim to it last year, but the results weren't great. An Internet search for "wizard robes" led me a couple of months ago to a site called Garb the World. I liked what I saw there. Mostly they do custom orders, but they also have some items in stock, although the selection can be limited.

One thing they had in stock was a grey wizard robe with a hood. It looked fairly basic, yet more substantial than the one I have. I don't really need a hood, but the price was right and it gives me an option. I recall when I looked a while ago they mentioned they had one robe that had an antique clasp and the first person who requested it would get it. I figured it was most likely spoken for. At that time, though, I didn't place an order.

This past Monday morning I decided to take another look into getting a robe and went back to the Garb the World site. The grey robe was still listed as in stock and on sale (same price as last time, even) and the offer of the one with the clasp was still there. So I figured it was time to place the order, and just in case, I'd request the clasp. I had intended to have it shipped by USPS, but also checked the cost for UPS. UPS was four bucks cheaper, so I figured I'd choose it. I've had reasonably good luck with UPS as long as I can be home when they arrive.

I placed the order around 10:30 Monday morning and got a confirmation email about three hours later. Then, somewhat to my surprise, I got a notification and tracking number from UPS at around 3 p.m. Following that up, I saw it didn't mean the robe had been picked up yet, but still, it was very promising. Delivery was scheduled for today (Thursday).

On Tuesday I saw by way of UPS's tracking site that the package was on its way, leaving Baldwin Park outside Los Angeles late Monday night. It arrived in Portland Wednesday morning. Today I expected to see on the UPS site that it was out for delivery, but that notification never appeared. I didn't know what to think, but I was strongly suspecting something was amiss. Given my experience a few days ago with the Amazon order, who could blame me.

Often in past UPS deliveries, packages have arrived around 2:30, which had sometimes caused problems when I was working. One time I had almost given up receiving a couple of CDs after some attempts at delivery, but then one day they showed up. This time 2:30 came and went, and the "out for delivery" notification on the web site still never showed.

I was pretty much resigned to having to spend another day waiting and hoping, when right at 5 o'clock there was a knock on the door and as I approached, I heard, "UPS."

Huzzah! I signed for the package, got it opened and saw that I'd even gotten the robe with the clasp. Perhaps the faeries had decided I deserved a break this time. It looks good as is, although I really think I should try to lose a little weight so the front falls a bit better. (Incentive!) Also, I probably should have gone for the next larger size since it's just a little tight across the shoulders. That surprised me because the black robe I'd gotten in Newport from a little shop near the aquarium had been marked "small" yet it fit me fine. Even the woman who'd made it was surprised.

Next I'll head over to the Fabric Depot after doing a bit of measuring to see what they've got for trim. I could've gotten a robe already trimmed, but being on a tight budget I figured I could do the trim myself. Besides, it makes it more "mine" than something straight out of a vendor's stock.

This was the first time I've ordered from Garb the World, but I'd certainly recommend them. If ordering something that's in stock, it looks like it will be on its way pretty rapidly.

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