Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Make That Three

I went on to make a third lens today (Tuesday), also inspired by Gunn's podcast is a new lens for the Portland, Oregon group Circled by Hounds. Like Rattle the Boards, they've got two CDs on CD Baby. Their first is Chasing Our Tales and their second is Howl No Demon Louder. Since they're local, I figured they'd be playing somewhere around here soon, and it turns out their next gig in the area is only five miles west of where I live at a pub called Biddy McGraw's on June 3. I hope I'll be able to make it. I've put it on my calendar. They've got a half-dozen full-length cuts on their MySpace page and I like what I hear. It's always good to find out about good local music. There's plenty of music in the area, but finding good Celtic music is rare.

When I returned to this blog to post about this third lens, I didn't see my earlier post. The one on top was the one about Mount St. Helens. I have a Firefox extension called Lazarus, so I opened up a new post and was able to paste in the text and images that I thought were lost. I figured I'd somehow forgotten to publish the post and then had closed the tab. So I incorporated the first paragraph of this post into the recovered stuff and published.

Then when I took a look, I saw the revised post and below it was the post I thought I'd lost, followed by the Mount St. Helens post. I have no idea what happened, but I just cut out the duplicated stuff from this post.

By the way, the Mount St. Helens lens is #5 overall on Squidoo today (Tuesday). That's the highest rank I've ever achieved for any lens. Previously it had gotten up to #7 then went down to #8, then #9 again. I added a Zazzle module Sunday after creating a few new items with images of the mountain, which I'm sure helped the lens to go up again. It's getting a lot of visits and it accounts for more than one third of the visits to all my lenses.

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