Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Two Lenses in One Day

My new Squidoo lens Celtic Music: Rattle the Boards came about as a result of checking out Marc Gunn's latest Celtic Music podcast. When I checked out the site, I noticed quite a few of the artists on the podcast have CDs at CD Baby. Since I'm a CD Baby affiliate, it seemed only natural to create a lens for Rattle the Boards. Marc, by the way, was one half of the Brobdingnagian Bards. He's been doing the podcast for a while now - the latest one is the 67th in the series. The lens is short since they've only got two CDs, but Rattle the Boards is a group well worth listening to.

Earlier in the day I checked out how to create a Squidoo lens for my Zazzle store. I started the store late in 2008, but never gave it a whole lot of promotion. I should've made a promotional lens then, but went on to other stuff instead. When I added new stuff to the store a few days ago I knew I had to make the lens if I ever expected to get any action from it. Squidoo's got a whole template set up for doing a Zazzle showcase lens, so it was pretty easy to make. While I do have more than items with photos of Oregon Zoo animals, I decided to make them the feature of the lens.

This post started as something automatically posted through Ping.fm, which I signed up for yesterday. It turned out I got the formatting for a link totally wrong, so I had to correct it on my Facebook page and post a followup tweet on Twitter, then come here. I did look up how to keep links from messing up by putting an asterisk at the beginning of the code. That means I'll just be entering the basic http://www.squidoo.com/celtic-music-rattle-the-boards link with an asterisk to keep Ping.fm from shortening it. I'd prefer links that look like the others in this post, but I'm not sure that's possible with Ping.fm.

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