Friday, April 3, 2009

Suddenly, A New Celtic Music Lens

I was poking around in Squidaholic checking out some stuff on one of my Celtic music lenses. While looking at links to Celtic music sites in general, I saw one from Portland's newspaper The Oregonian that mentioned a Celtic duo would be playing at a library. At first I thought maybe it was an old article, but I clicked on the link anyway and found out The Muses are playing Saturday afternoon. I hadn't heard of them before, but I figured since it's at a library, it's free, and close enough for me to go.

Then I had the idea to check out CD Baby and see if they had any CDs listed there. They did, so I pulled up their website to see how many CDs were listed both there and on CD Baby. It turns out all of them are in both places, so that meant I should make a lens. I put together a new template for lenses with CDs that are only on CD Baby after checking Amazon and seeing none of their CDs there. With that done, putting together a lens only took a couple of hours. Templates really save time!

I've published the lens, and I think it looks good enough, but I intend to add more to it after I get back from their show tomorrow. I'll take my camera along and get some pictures to add along with some additional text.

I checked out the latest online copy of their newsletter and learned they're on Twitter, so I added them to the people I'm following, and re-tweeted my message about the new lens to them. I'm hoping they'll see it before the show.

Update: Tanya got my tweet and replied. She checked out my Spoonerisms lens. Turns out she and Matthew are friends of Terry Foy, aka Zilch the Torysteller, who I featured in that lens.

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