Monday, February 2, 2009

Todd McCaffrey, Dragon Harper Lens

I was surprised recently to discover that nobody on Squidoo had done a lens about Todd McCaffrey. He's Anne McCaffrey's son who has collaborated with his mother on three novels about the planet Pern and it's dragons, and has written two on his own. I decided that was a situation that needed to be corrected.

The book descriptions I've written are longer than most I've done, and I tried including more information about the author than I have on past author lenses. I've also included a voting plexo ("Plexo" appears to be a word made up by the Squidoo people for modules where people can vote on stuff). I'm not a big fan of plexos (plexi?), having seen little interest in them on other lenses I've tried them on or in most cases on lenses done by other people.

As with any lens I've just published, I expect I'll be going back to it and adding stuff and making changes, but it's certainly in good enough shape for people to see.

Trivia: Todd McCaffrey was born ten years to the day after I was.

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