Saturday, January 17, 2009

Druff the Magic Pagan

"Druff the Magic Pagan sieved by the lea..."

So begins my Spoonerized version of Peter Paul and Mary's "Puff the Magic Dragon." The version has been added to my Squidoo lens on Spoonerisms. The song got into my head recently, and as often happens, I began Spoonerizing it as I went through the lyrics I could remember. The lens has been slipping a bit in the ranks lately, so I figured maybe this will give it a bit of a boost. I'll be happy if I can keep it above 2,000 for the rest of January because that'll mean it'll make several bucks more when the January payout comes in early March.

For that module, I used the cover of the book Puff the Magic Dragon and made the cover a link to, plus I included text links to and (The cover shown here links to

In other news, the Bushisms Video Showcase helped get my visits to all lenses in one week to over 1,000 for the first time, and currently it's just below 1200. There are people on Squidoo who get more weekly visits than that for just one lens. The lens is at #602 overall on Squidoo and $6 in News & Politics.

I'd certainly like more traffic overall, not just in that one lens, and to help boost it, I spent some time submitting lenses to Squidoo groups and a site called Some groups accept stuff right away, others take a while for the groupmasters to look at them. Submissions to Squoogle appear to be still pending. Without the Bushisms lens, I'd have 739 visits for the past week. That number is a rolling total that changes several times a day.

I updated the Best Sellers lens this morning based on the list from The New York Times. That lens has been staying fairly high on my own list of lenses, and has been in the top 10,000 at least since November.

CheckI've mentioned being surprised at the popularity of the Bushisms lens. Another surprise over the past few weeks has been the popularity of my How to Write a Check lens. It's one I put together July 30 after reading some lens challenge ideas put out by Squidoo founder Seth Godin. It's very different from all my other lenses and for a while just puttered around in the middle of my listings, then started rising as Google and Yahoo started sending traffic.

Sometimes I wonder how people find stuff on search engines when they're obviously a bit challenged in the spelling department. Five people have done searches for "how to right a check." The British spell it "checque" and I have a couple of tags with that spelling, but I'm not going to include spellings searched by people who can't spell.

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